CashFX Blog (Overview Of How CFX Simple Automated Forex Trading Platform Works)

Learn all you need to know on the CashFX group and how you can get simple automated FOREX trading working for you.

Welcome To My CashFX Blog

Hi Guys, welcome to my CashFX blog. My name is Darrell and I’m pleased to show you through what I think is absolutely the best online business I have ever been involved with. The amazing comp structure, the transparency and the reliable pay outs every Saturday without fail make this definitely checking out thoroughly.

Hopefully you will find that I have all aspects of CFX well covered with the information here. For your convenience, it is arranged in sections and you can quickly access them from the list.

  • What is CashFX?
  • Learn about the CashFX traders
  • The CFX Main Presentation
  • The CashFX compensation plan in more detail
  • How to share CashFX with others
  • FAQ’s

What Is CashFX?

The CashFX Group, also known as CFX, is a Forex trading and education company. Forex, is the commonly shortened name for the foreign exchange market which determines the rates for every world currency. It is a huge market with over $5.3 trillion of trades daily on average.

CashFX offers individual trading that is done on your behalf for you after you purchase a trading contract or package of your desired level. This simple automated trading can offer a significant return on each contract determined by the daily trading returns, on Monday to Friday every week. Everyone is paid on Saturdays.

You can also choose to share the opportunity with others if you like and then you are able to earn referral commissions as well as other bonuses that are relevant to your level in the system.

Huascar Lopez - CEO of CashFX Group.

Huascar Lopez was born in the Dominican Republic. He grew up in a small city but later moved to the capital city of Santo Domingo. This is where his uncle introduced him to network marketing and in 2009 he soon discovered he had a talent in this area.

He changed his career path and went on to complete a marketing degree. He started his first business as a tour operator when he was just 20 years old. Over time he has worked in multiple companies in the industry, all with many varying products, services and technology.

He has gone on to collaborate with companies where he has created huge networking organizations of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

In 2014 he started working with cryptocurrencies and became passionate about them. Since then he has been continually working on perfecting trading techniques and studying the latest technology. This has all been based on empowering people financially and giving them the freedom that the blockchain represents.

He has had considerable success in this field, trading more more than one hundered million dollars with verifiable results. This all led him to his dream of what we know as CFX. CashFX is a place where his vision of prosperity, financial freedom and education for everyone around the world can become reality.

What Is CashFX?

The Cash Forex Group (CFX) is a platform for those who want to find success in the Forex marketplace, even without any previous experience.

The platform is built around the two significant trends of online learning or eLearning and automated Forex trading.

The CFX Premium Academy online learning

The CFX premium academy can be thought of as an online University. You will see that the curriculim is broken into three different series. Each of the series have their own relevant modules inside. 

The Elemental series has been perfectly designed as an introducion into the world of Forex(FX). This is where you will get to cover all of the basics.

The Advanced Professional series takes you a lot further into the Forex market. You get to cover much more detailed concepts and techniques around the specifcs of profiting in the FX market.

 The Supreme Series focusses on FX mastery. This module is geared towards understanding the psychology of professional trading, the necessary behaviours and the mindset you need to develop for success.

Simple Automated Forex Trading

There are two distinct paths for earning profits in CFX for all members. These are generated from both passive trades and a very unique rewards Plan. It has an industry-first Bull and Bear Plan which is designed to accelerate your team building and earning success (if you want it to).

The Bear and the Bull video by team leader Justin Halliday, CFX Power Team leader.

The Bear And The Bull

It’s important to note here that CFX doesn’t make their profits from the trades of it’s members at all. They make their primary profit from the trading space fees, a portion of the spread, and their own significant trading profit.

The bear side: This is if you choose to just earn passively, you purchase a package and it will return 200% over time from individual trading.

The bull side: This is where you are a teambuilder and have shared with at least one other. A further 200% is returned to you through the commision structure, making a combined total of 400%.

Please keep in mind: There is no need to invite others to be able to earn in CashFX. Thats why it’s often referred to as simple automated Forex trading. You can earn total passive income as a Bear member. The unique CFX Reward Plan also benefits those passive earning Bear members and can increase potential earnings through the 3×10 forced matrix system. You’ll learn more on this later, in the CFX main presentation and also in the section on the compensation plan in detail.

For now, it is also good to remember, even sharing this with one person who is dear to you can open up A LOT more potential earning options for you.

** EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, please only trade money you can afford to lose. No Trade results can be guaranteed in any type of real trading activity. Any income claims presented here are in no way intended to serve as a guarantee of income. They are instead designed to give you an idea of what is possible. Participation in the Cash Forex Group Rewards Plan is not a guarantee of success. Both hard work and following the structure of the CFX Rewards Plan are required for results.**

Simple Automated Forex trading and Education accessible for everyone.

Learn about the CashFX traders

Edwin Abad CFX Vice President

Edwin Abad - CFX Vice President of trading operations

Edwin Abad - CFX Vice President of trading operations

Edwin Abad was born in the Dominican republic and is a very proud family man. He and his wife Ingrid have 2 boys and 2 girls.

He developed a strong work ethic even at a fairly young age and had decided he wanted to be an entrepreneur. In the past he has developed some businesses and services between his home country and in New York, USA.

He had a passion for learning all he could about Forex and this quickly became an obsession. His enthusiasm in this area has grown immensely as cofounder of the Cash Forex Group.

Today, he is solely focussed on building the strongest simple automated forex trading platform and online educational academy. This is so he may share his love of forex with his CFX family all around the world (over 48,000+ members so far).

The CFX trading team

CFX currently has four forex traders managing everything and making sure it all runs smoothly. This also includes the web TV app in the backoffice which ensures that any of the members are able to watch the live trades when they want to.

The head trader who leads the team is John M.G. Wilson. He comes across as a very impressive guy. He implements some of amazing strategies that have allowed us to enjoy 9% -11% + returns on our trading contracts weekly. This was in the pre-Covid 19 times.

Recently it has been around 6-6.5% weekly which is still outstanding. During the volatile times in the markets, the EA’s (electronic advisors – or trading bot software) have been turned off and the trading team have been taking care of things directly.

Edwin Abad CFX Vice President

CFX trading team with head trader John Wilson (far right).

The transparency, FOREX market knowledge and high level technology are the major drawcard that spiked my interest towards the CashFX group.  Everything is all geared around transparency and you can easily see they are happy in showing their faces and showing what they are doing as they have nothing to hide.

They also show the live trades via webcams in the trading rooms.  They constantly share what they plan to bring on board in the future through the webinars we have access to and through the leadership group who regularly update us (like Justin halliday and Luigi Bruni in the Power team, for example).


Meet Najib Kassis the COO of EverFX

EverFX is the award winning regulated broker that CFX uses.

In this video, CFX president Huascar Lopez introduces Najib Kassis the COO EverFX onstage to talk.

Listen to him talk about the licenses they hold and their relationship with CashFX.

CFX’s main partner, EverFX (ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd) is regulated by the following institutions:
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of London, in Dubai with the Financial Services Authority (DFSA), the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA) and the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA).

The legal stuff, straight from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) official website states:
EEA Authorised – (Reference number: 763771)This is a firm that is regulated in another European Economic Area (EEA) country and is able to offer certain products or services in the UK. The firm is required to meet minimum standards agreed across all EEA countries.

Below you will find the main presentation video which is an excellent way to get a complete overview of things.

But first.. , CFX have done an excellent job in also providing a primer page called CFX Success From Home. I would recommend watching the few short videos on this to see how the CFX automated platform can help you reach your financial goals faster and easier than you may have thought possible.

The first video is only 90 seconds, the second and third are about 8 minutes and 10 minutes.

CFX Success From Home – Click To Open In A New Tab

The CFX Main Presentation

The CFX Main Presentation With John Kinnear.

John Kinnear is from CFX corporate and is the chief marketing officer. He knows the CFX system inside out and is an amazing presenter. He likes to keep things simple which helps a lot when trying to learn anything new.

John is joined by Richard Maude from the UK in the middle of this video. Richard recently made it to the presidents club in the CFX Leadership Program after starting with a 300 pack and sharing this with a few friends. He shares how his team has grown to over 23,000 and passes on some great insight and tips you can apply to your own CashFX online business.

A lot is covered in this video so you can replay it when you need to so as to fully understand things.


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NOTE: If you were referred to this site by an existing CFX team member, you should ask them for their referral link to join under them.

The CashFX compensation plan in more detail

Currently the way members get to experience fully automated forex trading success is through the CFX trading packs. There are three series each containing five packs. Members are free to start with any one of the fifteen trade packages.

You’ll notice that the text next to each of the packs has 30% of the value of each pack dedicated towards opening up that particular level of the CFX Academy. The balance, or 70% of the pack is trade capital which is put to work for you. Also, you will see amounts of points – ‘PV’, which means personal volume attached to each pack. These points go towards your rank in the leadership program which will unlock further advantages and bonuses for you as you progress.

The Elemental series is made up of five trading packs ranging from the$300 pack up to the $3000 pack.

The Advanced Series trading packs go from the 5k to 20k packs. Again you’ll notice the same mathmatics.

Finally the Supreme Series is also made up of trading packs ranging from $30,000 all the way to the ultimate trading pack at $100,000. Again, 30% towards unlocking the Academy, 70% trading capital.

How Does The Cash FX Group Compensation Plan Work?

As you saw above, there are several levels (packages) that you can get started at as an affiliate member. You choose what you are comfortable with.
There are 2 ways that you can make money with the compensation plan through the individual trades Monday to Friday and the referral commissions.

Returns on your contract commissions (As a Bear participant)
Referral Commissions (As a Bull participant)

From the Bear participant side (Individual Trading) you can earn 200% from your contract. The daily returns from CFX are capped at 15% every week. Currently, we are enjoying around 6 – 7% returns weekly as things slowly recover from the covid19 lockdowns etc. The company will soon be rolling out a technology upgrade which should see these levels rise back towards the previous higher levels we experienced of 10%+ weekly. No guarantees, obviously, but CFX does seem to have a habit of delivering what they say they will. 🙂

On the Bull participant side of things, there is a further 200% to be earned (the benefits of team building), making an overall total of 400% if you are both team building as well as trading.

In the backoffice, you will see a circle graph which illustrates the progress you have made towards the maturity date of your contract. Contract completions is at 200% for the passive returns (bear trading) and 200% on the Bull side through the various commissions that you earn from sharing with even one person (very worthwhile doing). This of course makes a total of 400% combined.

Before your contract reaches the 200% mark on either the Bull or the Bear, we teach you to upgrade your contract. You can take out you earnings to your external wallet. Then you can upgrade to the next higher level contract by paying the difference between your current contract and the higher level contract (package). For example, if you are currently on a 1000 package and you wish to upgrade to the 2000, you would choose upgrade in the backoffice and pay the 1000 difference to complete the move.

If you wait until the package (or contract) completes at 200%, you then have to renew your same package at the same level. It really will pay to keep moving up the ladder to the higher packages as soon as you are able to so as to benefit from the higher trading capital and therefore higher returns.


One thing to take note of is the withdraw fee and how that actually helps everyone. For every withdrawal everyone makes, CFX takes 20% from your balance. Some people are a little shocked when they first see this and don’t understand what is happening here and it’s actually all good!

Of that 20%, 100% of it will go back into the rewards plan. The company does not profit from these fees.

Because of the system structure it’s mandatory to withdraw the balance when each contract completes, this ensures that we do not need new money constantly coming in to sustain the network. This plays a big part in how this unique system is designed to be self sustaining long into the future.


Cash Forex Group Project Overview

This 8 minute Cash Forex Group Overview video will give you a good feel of things. In particular, in the second half of it, you will see it covers the passive earning side (the BEAR) of this simple automated Forex trading platform.

Highly Recomended To Watch

50% Fast Start Bonus

A 30% portion of every CashFX trading contract (or pack) goes towards the Academy pack. Up to 100% of that value of each Academy pack is distributed back into the CFX reward program!

Every time a new Academy Pack is purchased, 50% of that value is paid out as a Fast Start Bonus and the remaining 50% is paid into the CFX Unilevel Bonus. Remember, you earn a Fast Start Bonus everytime you refer someone new to CFX.

This bonus accelerates BULL Capital

The 50% Uni level Bonus

The great thing about choosing to participate in the referral program is that you will open up additional commissions as your team grows.

There are many many levels of growth that you can be rewarded from. As you progress further into the Leadership Program, eventually you can earn from your whole organisation.

This bonus accelerates BULL Capital

Force Matrix 3 X 10 Bonus

The residual matrix bonus is paid out of the 20% withdraw fee which occurs anytime a member makes a withdrawal.

Regardless of whether you are a passive Bear customer or a team building Bear, this very unique bonus allows both groups to benefit from this.

The 20% withdrawal fee is divided up into these three bonuses:

  • The 50% Matrix Bonus
  • The Matching Matrix Bonus
  • The Leadership Rank bonus

Important Note: The withdrawal fees are not profit for CashFX! CFX uses these fees in a deliberate and unique strategy which is designed to create constant residual rewards for members.

This bonus accelerates BEAR Capital

The very first time each member purchases a trade package they a placed into a position within the forced matrix. This structure is very different than the Uni level. The first level below you has only 3 spaces. So if you share this project with more than 3 friends, the additional friiends will drop down below into the next space available.

This why those CFX customers (Bears) who dont refer anybody still can benefit from this bonus. Eventually the empty positons below will start to get spillover from above.

Force Matrix 3X10 Bonus - 10% Personal Matching

This is a real first in network marketing space.

You can even build up your residual income even as a CFX trading customer. This means that even if you never share Cashfx with anyone you are still able to benefit from this bonus.

You can see which trade packages unlock which level in the 3X10 Matrix. This serves as motivation for customers (BEARS) to move their way up the trade package ladders as well. In addition to unlocking greated depth in the CFX Matrix structure, every time they upgrade a trade package they get more capital traded for them and therefore are making larger trading gains.

As this is a Forced Matrix, this plan builds from the top down, left to right. Just by participating in CashFX you have earned a position, not matter whether a BULL or a BEAR.

Anyone you have sponsored into the CFX platform (anyone you are earning a fast start bonus from), you’ll also be earning a 10 percent match of anything they earn in their matrix.

This bonus accelerates BULL & BEAR Capital

10 Percent Personal Matching Bonus

CashFX Rewards Plan - Bull Capital

BULL capital is accessed by referring at least one person into the CashFX platform. When you have achieved that, it unlocks several bonuses which are covered here in this 12 minute video.

Highly Recomended To Watch

The CFX Leadership Program - Ranks And Qualifications

In CashFX you automatically access the Leadership Program a soon as you have shared CFX with others and they join with you. As you start to build your team up below you, you’ll begin to accumulate ‘PV’ (personal volume) points which count towards you advancing up the ranks.

There are a total of 7 ranks that you can qualify for in the Cash Forex Group opportunity. Once you have qualified for a certain rank level that opens up further levels in the matrix for you to get paid on. On top of that, each rank comes with a leadership prize which you get outright. No leases, no strings or things like that. For your convenience you are able to choose to be able to be paid out a slightly smaller value in BTC if you dont wish to take a particular prize.

The further you progress, the more you stand to benefit from. It pays to share! 🙂

Affiliate Rank – When you qualify for this rank you can earn 10% on levels 1 to 4.
Executive – When you qualify for this rank you can earn 10% on levels 1 to 4 and 20% on levels 5 and 6.
Manager – When you qualify for this rank you can earn 10% on levels 1 to 4, 20% on levels 5 and 6 and 5% on levels 7 and 8.
Director – When you qualify for this rank you can earn 10% on levels 1 to 4, 20% on levels 5 and 6, 5% on levels 7 and 8 and 5% on level 9.
President – When you qualify for this rank you can earn 10% on levels 1 to 4, 20% on levels 5 and 6, 5% on levels 7 and 8, 5% on levels 9 and 10 and 1% from level 11 down.
Ambassador – When you qualify for this rank you can earn 10% on levels 1 to 4, 20% on levels 5 and 6, 5% on levels 7 and 8, 5% on levels 9 and 10 and 1.5% from level 11 down.
Global Ambassador – When you qualify for this rank you can earn 10% on levels 1 to 4, 20% on levels 5 and 6, 5% on levels 7 and 8, 5% on level 9 and 1% on level 10.

This bonus accelerates BULL Capital

The 50% Uni level Bonus

The great thing about choosing to participate in the referral program is that you will open up additional commissions as your team grows.

There are many many levels of growth that you can be rewarded from. As you progress further into the Leadership Program, eventually you can earn from your whole organisation.

This bonus accelerates BULL Capital

Final Thoughts

The Forex (Foreign currency exchange) market is the most massive, liquid market in the world, completely dwarfing all the other markets combined! It is a market that turns over more than $5.3 trillion dollars daily. It is not affected by so many of the other external factors that often cause crashes in the the stock markets or even global events or challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic. Even a global recession won’t really have that big of an effect on it. Looking at all these facts, it really makes a lot of sense as to why CFX has built up their entire platform around this market so far.

CashFX offers a virtually hands free simple automated forex trading platform that leverages a proven AI system, while still being overseen by a hands-on expert human trading team. And they really know their business, as you only have to go over the monthly returns history to see the proof of that.

They have an industry leading Bull and Bear plan in their unique structured compensation plan. This caters perfectly for all CFX members whether they choose to be a passive customer or an active team builder wanting to share with others.

The fact that there is no enrollment fee, no monthy recurring fees to worry about or no auto ships makes this project all the more appealing. Also, for now all transactions are in Bitcoin(their own pay processor coming soon), so when you purchase a new package or when you request a withdrawal, you’ll be using BTC. Many people in our Facebook group are particularly impresseed with this point as when they have accrued oveer $100 in their CFX wallet, they like withdrawing to their own private wallet to enjoy further gains as and when the BTC is heading up. Many have no doubt that in the coming years as BTC is more widely adopted, it’s value will increase significantly. So this is seen as another big positive.

I have been following CashFX since their beginning but finally got involved in October 2019. I was being very cautious at that stage with any online business owing to the fact of all the horrors with USITech in 2017. I had also seen some of my friends get burned in other ventures like lending platforms and trading bots that fortunately I had chosen to avoid. These experiences can leave us with a bad feeling that everything is a scam and can’t be trusted, but that is just not true and is a very limited way of thinking that will get us nowhere fast. It is important to keep and open mind and to keep moving forward, albeit cautiously.. towards your goals. You have to choose to see success, not failure!

Of all the people I know in and have been introduced in CFX at $300 so far, most have already upgraded. Our Facebook group regularly has new members joining up almost daily. So many now are at the $1,000, $2,000, and even much higher contracts with a short space of time. A few in the group who joined around October too, are even on the $7,000 and $10,000 contracts because they chose to share this actively with friends and family. Now if you fast forward to a year from now and visualise the growth potential in your CFX business because people in your downline also start sharing this great opportunity, and things start to look really bright!

I hope this CashFX blog has clearly illustrated why we have such an absolutely incredible opportunity right in front of us. This is why the owners know that leaders who grasp the opportunity will be earning many $millions per month in the coming years….and you have the exact same opportunity to do the same.

 Sure it can take a few times to go over how it all works and take it all in. It took me about 4 times of watching the full presentation by Jihn Kinnear before it finally sank in and I had a ‘lightbulb moment’. But it is completely worth spending the time here as it is your financial future you are taking care of.

We are in good hands with CFX as we are able to clearly see they are ‘for the people’. We have a company that has made a genius rewards plan structure that ensures that EVERY member has a self-sustainable step ladder advancement path towards the $100,000 contract. It is achievable for everyone and while this is all happening, it profits from its own trades too.

 So the more immediate value of CashFX is that it’s pretty much instant money right from just after you get started in CashFX. You can get paid to learn and earn at the same time. But whether you decide to learn or not, you still get trading gains every single day, Monday to Friday – consistently and on time. Your Saturdays (payday) will never be the same! 🙂


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NOTE: If you were referred to this site by an existing CFX team member, you should ask them for their referral link to join under them.